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Start at UTS

Congratulations on your offer and welcome to UTS!

Use START at UTS to accept your offer of study. Please select an option below to get STARTed:

Domestic students

Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework

Please use START at UTS to accept your undergraduate or postgraduate coursework offer and arrange your enrolment.


If you have received an offer into a Diploma, please refer to the UTS College website or call 1800 896 994 for more information on slipback offers.

Deferring your offer

If you are a domestic student and you wish to defer your offer to UTS and take a gap year, please read the information about deferring your course commencement before returning to this page to complete your deferment

You can begin the Start at UTS process here:

International students

Accepting your offer

Before using Start at UTS, you need to accept your undergraduate or postgraduate coursework offer.

If you are an international student who has received an offer to study at UTS from the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) accept your UAC offer.

Deferring your offer

Find out more about how to defer your offer or email if you need assistance.

You can begin the Start at UTS process here: